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We offer a variety of classes, groups, and workshops that are as effective and impactful as they are diverse. Some of our more popular offerings are listed below.  
The Black Belt Mind Basics - FREE Intros coming in July 2021!

The Black Belt Mind is a personalized compass, map, and framework that you can use to make choices: every day choices; choices when you're stuck; choices when you're fighting with your partner or family or friends; choices with your work (or changing your work), your art, your life.

The Black Belt Mind was originally designed by Dana and utilized to help business people - managers, executives, and CEOs - move themselves and their businesses forward while being aligned with knowing who they were and what they valued.

The thing is, if you don't know what your values are, if you don't know how to live them, and if you don't know how to apply them, then moving forward with anything can be challenging. You are more likely to be reactive, more likely to get stuck, more likely to have the same challenges and same disagreements over and over again, because you're guessing your way through them with old fight-or-flight instincts. Choices that felt good at the time start to feel worse in retrospect.

This 7 week course is designed to give you a clear understanding of the basics of the Black Belt Mind: a framework, a compass, a series of simple reminders & strategies that you can use to help you move you forward with more ease, more calm, more authenticity, and more certainty that you can weather any storm, because you know who you are and what you stand for.

A good martial-arts dojo is not just about the physical: it helps you learn the lessons that go along with each belt level, and you learn more about yourself as you progress through the belts. Dana has synthesized the lessons from his decades of being a martial arts sensei, and created a system for you to use to apply them to every aspect of your day-to-day life, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Classes are informational, with each class focussing on one belt level, and the insight that goes along with that belt. As the course progresses it also shows you how to connect those lessons together through the other levels of the black belt mind, in order to allow you to start building ways to respond in every situation, good, bad, or other.

Each class will be jam-packed with info as well as live examples of how to apply everything. This is an experiential and participatory class, so come prepared to share insights and examples, and to ask questions.

Each class will give you one single distilled concept that encapsulates the belt level and mindset it relates to. It will help you make important decisions more easily and more confidently; help you handle anxiety around decisions you know you need to make; and keep you on track towards your most important goals without being diluted or distracted by the pressures or pulls of all the urgent things around you.

You're going to learn a TON about how the way you look at yourself impacts the way you look at other people - your family, your friends, your kids, your co-workers, even the person who keeps loud-talking in your building (or your mind). With this framework, we not only help you develop a healthy and reliable relationship to your own inner compass, we also show you how to use that compass to move forward.

This is a 7 class, weekly online course.  We will be offering this class again after our May/June 2021 class finishes. Please contact us to sign up for a free 1 hour introduction! 


Muscle Testing 101

An Introduction to the Cosmology

Some people know it as MRT or AK or Applied Kinesiology. Many people know it as a closed binary system of straight-forward yes/no answers.

While that is certainly a very popular way to view and use muscle testing, it’s bigger than that. Dr. Bruce Lipton introduced people to the idea that the conscious mind and its many wonders operate at 40 bits of data per second while the rest of your brain processes 40 MILLION bit of data per second. The difference, when you think about it, is staggering – and it only makes sense to access the 40 million bits when you’re doing anything important. That’s where muscle testing comes in. It gives you access to the supercomputer that’s hiding in the back of your head.

This class will give you an introduction to how this technique works and a multitude of options to use for testing including both fine and gross muscle coordination (in other words, some nice, big, solid methods of testing and some lovely, tiny, inconspicuous methods of testing).

More importantly, though, it will lead you into the fabulous wilderness of possibilities known as What to Test, and How to Test it. Wording matters immensely. Intention matters immensely. Openness, respect, responsibility, honesty, and boundaries matter immensely.  If you know how to use it, it really can give you access to everything that is in your highest and best interest, and help you identify what’s not.

This class will be taught over the course of 3 afternoons or evenings, once a week for 3 hours. There is an emphasis on hands-on work to practice your skill set, ample time for questions and assistance, ideas to play with at home, and an introduction to the cosmology that we utilize here at Crimson Door.

The universe is a pretty amazing place, and this is a fantastic way to map your exploration of it!

This class consists of 3 three-hour sections.


Contact Us to register.

Muscle Testing 201

It’s time to change your world by changing your mind.

Muscle testing is like chess – simple to learn, but taking a lifetime to master. After you become comfortable with the most common methods of muscle testing, and your own yes / no / more-info-please responses….well, then you get into the real joy and beauty of it!

Muscle testing allows you access to the 40-million-bits-of-data-per-second part of your mind and body, but it goes beyond that as well. You can absolutely continue to use basic muscle testing skills in basic ways, and we sincerely believe that everyone would benefit from learning them! However, learning how to move beyond that and lateral muscle test is where the real power is.

This class shows you ways to explore your own intuition and insight, as well as the subtle cues and clues your system gives to lead you from the questions you ARE asking to the questions you WOULD ask if you only knew enough to ask them!

The prerequisite for Muscle Testing 201 is Muscle Testing 101. 

Entrance to the Advanced Lateral Muscle Testing Class is by invitation or application only. If you are interested, please call or email us:  Contact Us


Communication 101

These are the communication tools you wish you’d been taught all along.

As a society, our training in communication is woefully inadequate for most people.  Whether you’d like to communicate better with your spouse, business partner, family, friends, or the stranger you meet in line, the essential tools are the same.

Communication is the key to, well, everything, and there are certain fundamentals that make you effective at it. Our ability to communicate is directly and inherently tied to how much success we experience in life, and it is a little-talked-about and very misunderstood topic. The key component of it is the thing that we are taught to do the least: listening.

For those of you rolling your eyes or breathing a sigh of relief, there’s a difference between Listening Deeply and the listening most of us have been brought up with. Our capacity to communicate is predicated upon how well we can Listen Deeply, and the first thing that’s misunderstood about that is who you’re supposed to listen to, and how. If we’re not listening deeply to ourselves, we can’t listen properly to anyone else.

This course will dive into the fundamentals in order to allow you the confidence to know that you are listening deeply, and give you the certainty to make sure that anyone that you are communicating with will know and understand that they are being Heard. You’ll learn the difference between Hearing and Listening, and some basic rules to avoid the pitfalls that occur when those two things are mixed up. This is both an experiential and a participatory course, so come prepared to work hard – and enjoy yourself.

Listening properly, fully, lovingly, completely, and safely is the cornerstone of what we strive to do here every day. We’re excited to provide a space for you to experience the freedom and power of doing the same.

Please note: If you are new to Crimson Door courses, this is a participatory class, not an observational one. Come prepared to talk & to listen in whole new ways.

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Group Dynamics
Group work for powerful transformation

We have been using groups as a transformational tool for many years, and although the groups themselves are hard to describe, they’re incredible to experience.

They are part personal development, part Integral medicine, part talk therapy, and part something insubstantial that makes them a powerful force, and a lot of fun too!

This is a fantastic way to get the advantage of having a private session with Colleen or Dana, and combine it with the power of working with like-minded people – you don’t always have to be the one doing the heavy lifting to get the full advantage.

Sessions may include interactive work, exercises, and information designed to allow you to progress as quickly and easily as possible. Group work goes as deep as the people involved determine and allow – we’re willing to go as fast and as deep as you can.

Having the support of the people in the group helps the process, as does the insight, experience and expertise of Dana and Colleen as the leaders/facilitators.

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Belief Changing

It’s time to change your world by changing your mind.

Beliefs run our actions, our choices, and our lives. We do our best to do what we believe is right, and we don’t try what we believe is impossible. If we’re lucky, our childhoods were full of imagination, but most of us are taught that fantasy is fine, but reality is immovable.

If you listen to some of the top scientists of our day, beliefs also run our bodies, from what we believe we’re capable of to whether or not we experience disease. If that sounds hard to believe, think about the stories you’ve read or the news programs you’ve seen where a small woman lifts a car to save somebody they care about. In that moment, they believe they can because they believe they have to – and things that would be otherwise impossible just happen to happen.

If you listen to explorers in quantum physics or certain advanced Buddhists or shamanic practitioners around the world, beliefs shape our world – literally. Things are the way they are because we believe they will be.

That idea makes us want to play with what we believe!

The easiest way to realize that you can shift your thoughts, bodies, and the universe around you, is to recognize that you can shift your beliefs.

This class will give you a simple, easy to duplicate and easy to expand on method to change your beliefs, and help those around you change theirs.

We’ll give you some background on beliefs: what they are, what they do, and how they do it. We’ll also give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the Belief Changing process we use, and we’ll demo it so you can see and hear how it’s done. We’ll teach you which questions to ask yourself to find out which beliefs are hiding, and how to know the difference between a belief and an emotion. These classes are designed to allow you to practice shifting beliefs, but also to help you personally identify core beliefs that are holding you back, whether those are related to relationships, abundance, health, happiness, or more.

This is very experiential and participatory work that is thrilling, open, and visceral. Come prepared to experience the joy of sharing in a safe, productive, and uplifting environment.

Class space is strictly limited to ensure that we have time to work with everyone.

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Curious about what other people have said about our classes? Check out what some amazing people have to say!

“I have now realized the difference between walking in my truth and walking in what I thought was my truth! Thanks for the teaching me the difference.” AB, Coquitlam

“Changing my beliefs has been a fairly arduous process over the years. In working with Colleen and Dana, I have discovered that an energetic approach quickly goes deep into the ‘iceberg’ of the subconscious – things that I didn’t even know I was carrying! This work always has me going, “Wait a second -look at what I’m doing right now – I wouldn’t have been able to do this a month ago. Far out! Next!” RM, Vancouver

“It’s so much easier to walk through life after releasing old, useless belief systems. Thank you so much!” BI, Coquitlam

“Not only are Dana and Colleen warm and compassionate, they are also brilliant healers and teachers. This Belief Changing course has helped me identify and clear old beliefs and therefore become freer to be myself! I highly recommend this course and any other course that they have to offer to anyone who is committed to growth and healing. VS, North Vancouver

“I spent my whole life thinking that I knew my truth. Then I realized it was everybody else’s and not my own. Thanks for helping me see the light!” MB, Coquitlam

“I never wanted to get my driver licence because the thought of driving a car scared me. Then, in my early 20s I did, and for more than a decade driving guaranteed stress, fear, anxiety and whole bunch of other unpleasant emotions circulating through my body. The belief changing with Dana and Colleen changed all of it. After one session, I could breathe deeply and be totally at ease driving, even to new places. This change was so incredible that I wanted to learn the how-tos of belief changing to work on other areas of my life. The workshop Colleen and Dana offered was fun, exciting, and the changes in my life are both profound and lasting.” KR, Port Moody

“I’ve taken the Belief Changing workshop with Dana and Colleen, and it has changed my life. Deeply hidden thought patterns and beliefs I had no conscious awareness I carried were running my life. During the workshop I got to dig some of them up and clear them away. From now on, in the instance of a trigger or stimulus presenting itself I actually have a choice of behaviour, more conscious, peaceful and loving. In daily life this choice translates to less frustration, anxiety, impatience and fear. Also, no pms, no sugar cravings, less judgement!

Thank you Col and Dana for offering and teaching this to me.” KM, Port Moody

“Working with Colleen and Dana on my belief systems has changed my life in so many positive ways it’s crazy. However, where I am blown away with working with Colleen and Dana, is that they care enough to go beyond your easily accessible beliefs system and ask the tough questions to find out the hidden core beliefs that have been there so long you didn’t even know they existed. I found out that I believed that I didn’t deserve to be loved, and working with them I learned that I have the right to all the love and happiness that comes my way. I just proposed to the love of my life. Thank you Col and Dana!” MC, Vancouver