What’s the Point?

Liver 3, Your Best Friend

Probably the most common question any acupuncturist hears is “Why that point?” or a variation on the theme, “What does that do?” Here’s a little mini-acupuncture tip that might inspire you to try acupressure at home.

Liver 3 is arguably the most popular acupuncture point out there and it’s easy to find.  You put your finger on the top of your foot (or the dorsum, if you wanna sound super-medical-smart) in between your big and second toe. Then you press lightly and slide your finger up until you hit the ‘v’ in between the tendons. For most people, it will feel a little achey or bruise-like if you press on it. Ta-dah! That’s it! (and in case you’re visual, here’s a picture for you: )

Now to why it’s so popular. In English we call it Liver 3, but it’s original name is Taichong, which translates roughly as ‘Great Surge’ or ‘Great Rushing’. There’s a lot of power in this point, and it’s a point in charge of stagnation, so when you get that moving, it’s a surge of movement, of energy, of release.

With acupuncture, each point can do many things, depending on how you use it. This is a Source Point, a Shu-stream point, and an Earth point, which basically means, this is a point where a whole bunch of energy comes in and goes out. This point is a mover and a shaker in a whole bunch of ways.

It’s on the liver meridian, so of course it’s good for liver issues, and anything the liver is in charge of. Try this point to treat:

  1.     Allergies

  2.     Headaches

  3.     Insomnia

  4.     Dizziness

  5.     PMS/Menstrual Issues

  6.     Digestive Problems

  7.     Red/dry/painful eyes or blurred vision.

And that’s seriously only a partial list.

The long and the short of it is, no matter who you are, this point can help you. It’s a point that’s great to activate when you’re reading or watching a show: press, tap, rub, and just generally wake it up. It’ll love you for it.

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