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Doorways lead us somewhere new. We change when we go through them. Doors allow us to walk in to a place that feels like home and leave the unwanted outside. Every session with every client is another doorway, and we’re grateful for the chances to change our world as you change yours. Come in and join us! ~Colleen Robinson & Dana Pemberton, Crimson Door Healing

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Feeling frozen in fear and unable to take steps towards the life you really want? Tired of living with shame and regret in your head?

        If you do the work, these people can literally help you transform your life.  ~TS, Vancouver

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Featuring: The BlackBelt Mind

The Black Belt Mind is a standard for life that inspires excellence in living.

There is a focus on learning the value of reflection and responsiveness, and on understanding how those components influence you in the actions that you take and the choices that impact your decision-making process. Working with Dana, Colleen, or both of them in this way means expanding and deepening the practitioner/client relationship into one of "sensei training." While you will experience many teachers in your life, a sensei is more than that. Simply put, they are people who have walked the road before you and can help you as you walk: but the journey is yours. While you start by working with us in order to have someone outside you guide you and help you focus and develop, the goal is for you to evolve into being your own sensei.  If you are looking to join our BlackBelt ranks, you can talk to us about a customized plan to reach your goals and receive your BlackBelt certification from us.