Anxiety Treatment

At Crimson Door Healing, we offer anxiety treatment in Burnaby, near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Anxiety Treatment

Why do so many people seek out anxiety treatment? Because these days, our society traffics in anxiety.

Anxiety Management

We’re taught that worry = love, and that anxious = prepared.

We play games on our phones to stop ourselves from being anxious, then realize an hour has passed and get anxious about wasting time. We worry that if we don’t do perfectly on this project, this dinner, this meeting, we’ll lose a promotion, a job, a partner. We’re anxious about whether or not we’re being good enough people.  Whether or not the dinner we made is good enough, or if they’re just being polite. Whether we’re eating enough healthy food, or feeding kids right.

Anxiety is a very large black hole, and you can pour all of your energy into it forever and still have it ask for more.

So often in sessions at Crimson Door, or in classes for the Black Belt Mind, we hear “I wish I could stop being anxious, but…” The ‘but’ always has a good reason. “But my whole family is anxious….But I’m the one in charge…But if I don’t worry, I won’t get things done…But I don’t know how to be any other way.”

We also hear a lot of “I’m not anxious, I’m just prepared.”

You deserve to live a life that isn’t ruled by anxiety. You deserve to be able to go to sleep at night without worrying about the next day, to head out for the day without wondering if you’re going to say or do or wear the wrong thing.

Anxiety tells you about feelings, not facts. It’s there to protect you and keep you safe, but we’ve forgotten that there’s an off switch. Anxiety deserves to be listened to, then thanked and sent back to the survival part of our brain, because anxiety helps us survive, not thrive.

Anxiety doesn’t necessarily need to be managed. It wants to be listened to, calmed down, acted on when it’s got valid information, and calmed down if it doesn’t have valid information.

Why choose Crimson Door Healing?

He is a black belt in life and uses his excellent listening skills combined with his energetic skills and actively listens to what you have to say. I am convinced that he can even grasp what you are trying hard not to say or acknowledge. His honest, ‘no-nonsense’, yet empathetic approach makes you feel safe and heard. No matter what is going on in your life, or what you think ‘may be going on’, Dana helps you sort through stuff that you think is unrelated or irrelevant and helps you to effectively and efficiently sort through the clutter and come out of a session feeling clearer, more grounded and with a sense of direction and new found purpose. I highly recommend Dana to any one who is struggling in life or anyone who is curious about the next steps in their personal and/or work life.

      ~SL, West Vancouver

You choose us if we feel right to you. Period. You know when something sparks you, interests you, excites you, feels SAFE. If you want to work with stress or anxiety (If you’re interested in how we deal with anxiety treatment, click here) you 100% want to work with people who respect you and your process, the speed you want to go at, and who want you to feel safe and be empowered and a part of your own healing.

We want that for you. You’ll know if we’re the ones to help you.

And hey, if you’d like to get a sense of who we are or how we work, you can check out some videos of Dana’s at The Black Belt Mind YouTube page, some videos of Colleen’s at the Crimson Door Healing YouTube page,  our blog, and some free courses on our teaching website.

Signs and Causes of Anxiety

If you think you’re stressed and not anxious, head over to this page for a 10 second anxiety-vs-stress assessment method, and to see about stress treatment.

Anxiety is a very useful reaction to danger. It’s designed to keep us safe and alive. But if we keep it around after it’s no longer useful, then it’s just a little person in our head jumping up and down and trying to find out what the big bad thing is that’s making us feel weird and antsy and irritated and nervous and wondering if so-and-so is made at us and thinking we probably didn’t do this or that right and basically, trying to find every. single. thing. that we could have made a mistake with or done ‘wrong.’

For some people that shows up as more physical signs as well: palpitations, crazy dreams, feeling shaky, feeling sweaty, startling easily, finding it hard to settle down, finding it hard to sleep. That’s your brain and body on high alert, doing its best to keep you safe.

What Is Anxiety Treatment?

If you’re ready to get rid of anxiety, we’re happy to help. Anxiety treatment is one of the things we deal with most often. Almost every Black Belt Mind student has wrestled with anxiety, and our past graduates have told us time and time again about applying the Black Belt Mind rules and feeling the anxiety disappear.

Acupuncture, cupping, Integral Medicine, Dana’s Life Coaching, tapping, TCM herbal remedies; these can all help you get a handle on the anxiety you thought was a part of you. And maybe it is. But it doesn’t have to be a very big part. It can just be that little survival part that does its job when you actually need it to survive.  The rest of the time, it can head off to its room while you let yourself thrive.