Self Worth vs Self Esteem

Self Worth and Self Esteem: they’re not the same thing, even though most of us are taught that they are. In this excerpt from our live zoom class Q&A, we get some great conversation and questions about self worth, self esteem, and self determinism; what they are, how they interact, […]

Why Externally Imposed Self Worth Doesn’t Work

Your self worth is primarily (and most importantly!) determined by YOU and your perception of yourself. While it can be enhanced by the esteem of others, it can’t be replaced by the esteem of others. Here’s why.

Podcast Sneak Peek Excerpt! A clip on Blame vs Responsibility

Hey! We’ve been working on more ways to get you good information that you can use – as Dana says – when the rubber meets the road.  As part of that, we’re working on a podcast that dives into wellness: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.  Until it’s ready to […]