Holiday Season Survival Secrets

Youtube transcription below which reads sort of like a spoken word poem… are you feeling like the holidays are gonna be crappy because they’re not what they used to be you’re not alone i’ve been there so keep listening to find out why you’re feeling that let me give you […]

Scientists Prove DNA Changes With Language

Is That True? So a friend of mine sent me an article with the very provocative title “Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By Word Frequencies” (hey, in my world, that’s provocative!). It’s an interesting little article talking about how some Russian scientists disagree with the commonly held belief that […]

Eyes on Tails

How Blind Tadpoles Learned to See – and Why It Means You Can Learn to Feel Better (especially when you thought it was impossible). So Nature is pretty weird ‘n’ wonderful. In a recent study of “I’m sorry, some scientists decided to do what ?”, scientists grafted eye tissue to […]

This is Your Brain on Music

If you’ve ever been in our office, you’ve noticed that music is fairly important to what we do. Not only is there ambient music playing, but Dana’s other life involves being a musician. And yes, it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing music (or muzak, as the case may be). Have you […]