Cold People, Farm Seedlings, and TCM Herbs

If you’re a cold person (socks while others are in sandals, sweatshirt while everyone else is in a bathing suit), your TCM person might very well give you (some) cold herbs in your warm formula. This tells you some reasons why, and why you are (delightfully) just like seedlings on […]

Podcast Sneak Peek Excerpt! A clip on Blame vs Responsibility

Hey! We’ve been working on more ways to get you good information that you can use – as Dana says – when the rubber meets the road.  As part of that, we’re working on a podcast that dives into wellness: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.  Until it’s ready to […]

What remedy is best for anxiety?

Anxiety is probably one of the top 3 things that we deal with in the clinic. Definitely top 5. Not top 5 as in “hurray, more anxiety, our favourite, let’s have a pizza party!” but top 5 as in if you’ve come in to work on something, there is at […]