TCM Emotions & Your Brain

Why don’t people talk about the brain in TCM? We do – but unlike a more North American worldview, where the brain reigns supreme, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the brain is actually just one part of other vital organs.

Conflict (a one hour zoom class replay)

Most of us are taught to either avoid conflict at all costs, or go all in and win at all costs. The trouble is, neither of those really satisfy us. But if you look at conflict as a basic skill set, there are 3 simple components and 2 simple steps […]

TCM Emotions & Your Gallbladder

Most of us don’t think much about our gallbladders unless we’re feeling pain from them – but in TCM, your gallbladder is INCREDIBLY important to you living a fulfilled life!

Food Therapy Friday: Radishes!

Radishes in a TCM world are cooling (even though they taste peppery!), help to clear toxins, dissolve phlegm, and gently move the qi. That means they help with food stagnation (food just sitting there in your stomach), and they’re great if you’re still feeling a little off after a cold […]