Food Therapy Friday! It’s spring! Time to support your liver!

Your (Western medicine) liver helps with detox and a bunch of other wonderful things. Your (TCM) liver helps you handle stress, frustration, anger, and depression, and when it’s feeling good, it helps you direct your passion into great places! Springtime is the time to support your liver so it can […]

TCM Emotions & Your Liver

Your (TCM) liver has incredibly strong qi, which means it can influence pretty much every other organ in the body. Here are the emotions that hang out with your liver.

There Are Only 2 Emotions

Really, human beings only have 2 emotions, and everything else we feel is a shading of one of them. Knowing these emotions gives you a way to choose your way forward more easily.

TCM & Emotions

Want to know how your feelings impact your health? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotions aren’t separate from the rest of your health, and what you FEEL (emotionally) changes how you feel physically – and vice versa. This is the first of a series of 8 videos giving you a cheat […]