Classes, Groups and Workshops


We offer a variety of classes, groups, and workshops that are as effective and impactful as they are diverse. Some of our more popular offerings are listed below. 

Curious about what other people have said about our classes? Check out what some amazing people have to say!

“I have now realized the difference between walking in my truth and walking in what I thought was my truth! Thanks for the teaching me the difference.” AB, Coquitlam

“Changing my beliefs has been a fairly arduous process over the years. In working with Colleen and Dana, I have discovered that an energetic approach quickly goes deep into the ‘iceberg’ of the subconscious – things that I didn’t even know I was carrying! This work always has me going, “Wait a second -look at what I’m doing right now – I wouldn’t have been able to do this a month ago. Far out! Next!” RM, Vancouver

“It’s so much easier to walk through life after releasing old, useless belief systems. Thank you so much!” BI, Coquitlam

“Not only are Dana and Colleen warm and compassionate, they are also brilliant healers and teachers. This Belief Changing course has helped me identify and clear old beliefs and therefore become freer to be myself! I highly recommend this course and any other course that they have to offer to anyone who is committed to growth and healing. VS, North Vancouver

“I spent my whole life thinking that I knew my truth. Then I realized it was everybody else’s and not my own. Thanks for helping me see the light!” MB, Coquitlam

“I never wanted to get my driver licence because the thought of driving a car scared me. Then, in my early 20s I did, and for more than a decade driving guaranteed stress, fear, anxiety and whole bunch of other unpleasant emotions circulating through my body. The belief changing with Dana and Colleen changed all of it. After one session, I could breathe deeply and be totally at ease driving, even to new places. This change was so incredible that I wanted to learn the how-tos of belief changing to work on other areas of my life. The workshop Colleen and Dana offered was fun, exciting, and the changes in my life are both profound and lasting.” KR, Port Moody

“I’ve taken the Belief Changing workshop with Dana and Colleen, and it has changed my life. Deeply hidden thought patterns and beliefs I had no conscious awareness I carried were running my life. During the workshop I got to dig some of them up and clear them away. From now on, in the instance of a trigger or stimulus presenting itself I actually have a choice of behaviour, more conscious, peaceful and loving. In daily life this choice translates to less frustration, anxiety, impatience and fear. Also, no pms, no sugar cravings, less judgement!