Holiday Season Survival Secrets

Holiday Season Survival Secrets

Youtube transcription below which reads sort of like a spoken word poem…

are you feeling like the holidays are
gonna be crappy because they’re not what
they used to be
you’re not alone i’ve been there
so keep listening to find out
why you’re feeling that
let me give you some points on
what to indulge in that uh what to
evolve with that and then stick around
to the end and find out what to do with
all of it i’m colleen
and together dana and i are crimson door
healing and the black belt mind
the holidays aren’t what they were
maybe you’re feeling isolated maybe you
actually are isolated maybe you’ve moved
maybe somebody’s
gluten-free or vegan now maybe
somebody’s with a new partner who has
different traditions and beliefs of
their own
maybe maybe you’ve lost someone there
are a million reasons why december and
everything that’s going on right now
might feel different to you and they are
all valid and i’m sorry it’s hard
our amygdala says we are not safe
and all these new things are potential
dangers i remember the first year i
spent the holidays here without my
parents who by the way made holidays
like these
crazy absolutely magical
warm loving times and i was sad and i
felt alone and angry and cheated
and i wanted to get these mini lights to
decorate with because that’s what my
parents used to decorate their tree with
that’s what they used to decorate the
hall for my sister’s wedding and those
lights for some reason became my link to
safe and sane and loving
and none of the stores had them
and in the very last store staring at
this empty shelf with dana very kindly
pointing out some really very reasonable
alternatives i had a spectacular
meltdown and it wasn’t about the lights
it was about the loss
whatever you felt like you’ve lost
you need to indulge it your brain needs
to know that you’re listening to it that
you’re understanding
what doesn’t feel safe anymore remember
write talk journal
visualize whatever you do to indulge and
listen to those feelings
that’s the way to get the information
you need about what you’re missing and
you can’t skip that process and you
can’t shortcut that process and it sucks
and it hurts and it’s dumb
and it’s gonna suck and it’s gonna hurt
anyway so you might as well dive in and
let yourself get some good out of it
which is point three
use that to evolve
once you know what you’re missing
you can identify what the feeling is
that you want to find again and we are
always looking for the feeling of course
we miss the people or the places or the
but the way we honor the people we’ve
lost the way we connect to the places or
the things that we don’t have access to
anymore is we
the feelings of them again
for someone that turkey that their
family cooks with the stuffing they like
someone is doing the things that make
them feel safe and thought of and loved
and that vegan sister-in-law who’s
coming over now feels like a danger
because she’s against the turkey she’s
the one that’s in between you and that
or in your mind she’s against the love
she’s against
the safety
probably in the background of your mind
it might not be coming out like that but
it’s there
so your brain says now that you are not
loved that you are unloved
and holy wow is that gonna feel
dangerous to you
but once you’ve indulged and
you’ve let yourself feel that feeling
understand that underneath it you’re
looking for love and you understand that
you’ve linked that to the turkey dinner
or whatever it is then you can
evolve maybe you make a photo book
online of christmas turkey’s past or you
listen to dave cooks the turkey online
together or maybe you reach out to that
vegan sister-in-law with love and find
something you can cook for her or with
so you can connect maybe you find a
place to volunteer on the day so that
you can feel how good it feels to act
out of love to give the thing that you
feel like you’re not receiving
it won’t be the same
can’t be and it’s not supposed to be
if you give yourself room
and evolve
and then incorporate that with
whoever and whatever is around you
you’re gonna get through it
and eventually you’re gonna look back
and you’re gonna find out
that you started some new
traditions this month this year this
with this shift
those new traditions those new spaces
are going to give you that time and that
place and that space to feel
and loved
and offer the people around you now
the chance to feel safe and loved and
that’s going to create even more
thank you for listening i really hope
that this helped
i look forward to seeing you back here
i’ll be thinking about all of you this
holiday season
take care

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