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We’re big fans of research, knowledge, and expanding minds.

If you’re a client of ours, or are just interested in healing and expanding your world view, here are some sites you might be interested in, and some reasons you might be interested. We update this page as we continue to explore….happy reading!

Things that directly relate to our work

Dr. Amit Goswami

Dr. Goswami is what happens when you cross the Dalai Lama with Albert Einstein. Aside from the fact that he’s crazy smart, he’s also doing some fantastic work with all aspects of how the quantum world is doing…with a great book on Integral Medicine as a cherry on top of the sundae. Check out his site or his book “The Quantum Doctor” if you want to know a LOT more about how this stuff works.

Acupunture points & Nausea Treatment

For those of you who like your alternative a little more mainstream, this is a nice, short, accessible little article from an M.D. in  Canadian Family Physician. It talks about the effectiveness of acupuncture points for treating nausea – in this case, using magnets instead of needles – for a treatment that’s non-invasive, effective, and easily used. And you can trust the author – he’s a doctor!

2006 Mapping Acupuncture Report

The WHO (World Health Organization) published a report mapping evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture. This report is old (from the mid-90’s), but a good place to start.

Acupuncture Today – Bonghan Channels

An article – with pictures! – about ‘Bonghan channels’ – structures that just happen to correspond to acupuncture meridians in the body. How was this not on the news?

Qi-Journel Interactive Acumodel

Have a point that tingles, twitches, or zaps? Wonder if it’s an acupuncture point? This is a fun little interactive acupuncture model. Click on the point that’s asking you to pay attention to it for info on what it is and what it treats.

Was Einstein Wrong About Relativity?’

Integral Medicine utilizes the concept of quantum entanglement. This article gives you a brief introduction as to what that is.

Consciousness as the Basis For The Universe

A beautiful bit of science. You may agree or disagree, but putting this concept into a scientific framework is very cool.

Bits & Pieces of Things We Practice

For those of you who like research – here are just a few of the techniques we are grateful to be able to draw on. BodyTalk, Matrix EnergeticsNMTJMT, and Qigong. Some of them might seem a little more ‘out there’ to you, some might seem more logic-based – and they all have some aspects that make them incredibly useful.

Somatic Experiencing

One way to look at stressors is to look at getting trauma out of the system. This is a link to Dr. Peter A. Levine’s site where he gives you info on his work and links to some others. He’s kind of like Little Red Riding Hood – for some of you his work will seem like it’s Too Fast, for some it could be a little Too Slow, and for others it will be Just Right. But he’s dedicated his career to helping de-traumatize people, and has some good solid work under his belt – definitely something to check out!

Bitter Roots Apothecary

TCM herbs are vastly effective when used properly, and notoriously bad-tasting in tea form. Stomp-your-feet bad. As well, many people are concerned with the possibility of toxins and heavy metals in prepared patent medicines. We love having a great alternative with Angela Foran’s Bitter Roots Apothercary, a DTCM who buys quality herbs and prepares customizable herbal tinctures. They are effective, and cost-effective, and you take them by the drop, not the cup – love it!

 ICA Dojo

Qi is a complex word, but it can be termed ‘energy’ in brief. It can manifest on many levels and be used to do many things. The healing arts and martial arts are intimately connected; the same energy manifesting externally in different ways. This site has some basic info on our (ok, mostly Dana’s) martial arts dojo, where qi becomes self-defense in a place you can feel safe. It’s the martial arts side of the BlackBelt Mind.

Friends & Fascinating Folks

GreenHealth Acu-Herb

When people ask us to refer them to someone who does straight-up acupuncture, or brilliant herbology, we recommend our friends Wendy and Jim (Dr. Wenqian Xu and Dr. Jimiao Han). They taught Colleen in TCM school, and we are proud to call them friends. They’re freakishly good with herbal formulas and pretty much the kindest people you’ll ever wanna meet.

Winthrope Opticians

When it comes to contacts, we know a guy. Actually, we know The Guys. We trust Gary and Arash more than we can explain and we’re fairly certain they can actually pull off miracles. If your contacts bug you, they’ll know how to fix it. Seriously.

Optical Now

If you have great contacts already and just want to reorder online, this is the place to go. The prices are crazy fantastic, and quality is the Thing They Care About Most. And it’s Canadian. And they’re good people. And the prices are crazy fantastic, if we didn’t mention that?

Christine Wheeler

We love that Chris is working with us now! This is a link to her website: she uses tapping (previously known as EFT) as her main modality to help folks feel better. And she has a book for teenage girls!

Things That Make Us Wonder…and we do love wondering!

Scientific American – ‘Understanding Consciousness’

The brain is an amazing thing, and I absolutely rely on the ability of a person’s brain / mind / autonomic control system to heal themselves. This Scientific American article is about brain activity in comatose people – interesting, to say the least.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who experienced a stroke. In this video she documents her experience in an astonishing way, and in her recovery from damage to the left side of her brain, a ‘torrent of creative energy’ was released. This video explores the astonishing capacity of the human brain and points out how little we know about it.

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist who has made a name for himself by being a brilliant think-outside-the-box researcher. With pioneering work in morphic field resonance, you can read – or listen to him – on here. And you can actually understand him. And he’s a genius.

Nick Herbert’s Quantum Blog

This is Nick Herbert’s blog. He’s a physicist who’s done some wild work with quantum physics. It’s not exactly light reading, but it’s far more approachable that you might think. And your brain will love the exercise.