What Our Clients Say…


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Colleen is always looking at the intersection of the body,mind, and spiritual aspect of her clients. She is an outstanding listener. My concerns are always respected and my experiences acknowledged.

      ~T, Beijing

Who needs to see Dana? Who doesn’t need to see Dana?! The man is a direct conduit to the hot juicy wisdom of the universe!

      ~J, Shaughnessy

If you do the work, these people can literally help you transform your life. 

      ~TS, Vancouver

It’s like she is the astrophysicist of the mind and body and a master reprogrammer who can customize and empower you to rewrite your own code (every belief and agreement in your head that governs your whole f*cking life that you may not be aware of).

      ~LT, Vancouver

Dana is the only person I feel really knows me, and I felt that from the moment I met him.

      ~DN, Richmond

You’ll go into your first session with Dana thinking “What the heck am I going to talk about for 2 hours?”.  By the end of it, you’ll be wishing you had another two hours. He sees the parts of you you think are the worst and lets you know they’re actually ok. Even better, he gets you to understand you’re actually ok. I wish I’d met him years ago.

      ~FG, Richmond

He is a black belt in life and uses his excellent listening skills combined with his energetic skills and actively listens to what you have to say. I am convinced that he can even grasp what you are trying hard not to say or acknowledge. His honest, ‘no-nonsense’, yet empathetic approach makes you feel safe and heard. No matter what is going on in your life, or what you think ‘may be going on’, Dana helps you sort through stuff that you think is unrelated or irrelevant and helps you to effectively and efficiently sort through the clutter and come out of a session feeling clearer, more grounded and with a sense of direction and new found purpose. I highly recommend Dana to any one who is struggling in life or anyone who is curious about the next steps in their personal and/or work life.

      ~SL, West Vancouver

The motion sickness that I’d had for my whole life was suddenly worsening exponentially, to the point where I wasn’t sure I could get myself to work on the bus or even drive a car without feeling miserable.  I mentioned this to Colleen during one of our sessions, and she thought she’d see what we could do about it.  One little needle and some funny breathing later, she sent me on my way and I was doubtful that anything would happen, having already tried practically every other remedy.  So why wasn’t I feeling terrible on the bus for my hour-long ride home?  I thought I was imagining things.  I’ve since been to San Fran and ridden cable cars and crowded buses (in the BACK), activities I would have suffered through in great discomfort or avoided entirely previously.  I never knew how much my sickness changed my plans until I didn’t need to change them anymore!  Planes, trains, automobiles — bring ’em on!

      ~M.C., Vancouver

About 3 years ago, I was experiencing pain in my knee. I had gone to my family doctor and she had sent me for tests, she really couldn’t explain what was wrong with it as nothing showed up in the results. Then a friend recommended me to the one and only, Colleen. She worked on my knee, until there was no pain. Since then, she has been helping me with anxiety attacks, lower back pain, IBS, and numbness in my arms. I was being bothered by numbness in my arms, waking up 4-5 times a night. My family doctor said it was carpel tunnel and to wear a hand brace when I went to sleep. After a few treatments, with Colleen, it now bothers me on an average of 4 times in a 2-week period, and it keeps going down! I am getting married and moving to Abbotsford, Colleen has also helped me deal with all the anxiety that goes along with this. Colleen is committed to helping people. Her honesty is greatly appreciated at all times. When she is explaining something to you, she says it in a way that one can understand. Her sense of humor is very refreshing.  Will I drive in from Abbotsford to have treatments, YES. Would I recommend her, YES, as she is the Fabulous Miss Colleen.

      ~Maggie, Vancouver/Abbotsford

I would joke with my friends and say that I had “Chocolate Narcolepsy”, which was to say that anytime I had sugar, my energy was completely drained and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I went to Colleen and she cured me immediately of my sugar allergy, along making sure that I didn’t crave it all.  I have tons more energy and I have lost weight as well!   Thanks Colleen.

I’m training for a marathon and I developed a knee injury.  I went to a physiotherapist for help, and things slowly improved.  Then I went to Colleen and in only one session she eliminated all the pain!  If it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t have believed it, but Colleen is truly an amazing healer.

      ~Kelly M, Vancouver

Colleen is an amazing compassionate healer.  I came to her to see if she could help me with my self image.  I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and I had this deep fear of being attractive.  I would sabotage my health, and I would avoid situations and ignore compliments to keep myself “safe”.  Through working with Colleen we have been able to gently and slowly release my old, destructive patterns, and they have been replaced with a new healthy self image.  Now, I go through life feeling completely free and safe to be as beautiful as I want to be.  Thank you so much Colleen.

      ~M, Vancouver

I was experiencing excruciating back pain, insane stomach cramps, and headaches that had me rocking in pain. When Colleen asked me about stressors in my life, I omitted a few key points, figuring they didn’t matter much. A couple of sessions of slow progress later, she o-so-casually mentioned that my ‘system’ seemed to be reacting to the pressure of trying to keep some sort of secret. I looked at her and thought – “Oh, she knows”. She patiently listened (and pressed some acupuncture points on my hand) while I told her that I was gay and didn’t know how to tell my family. A cousin of mine was ostracized for coming out, and I couldn’t stand to have that happen. I also couldn’t keep pretending to be only part of a person anymore. I was terrified. Colleen and I worked together every few weeks for a few months, and somehow the worries just seemed to….drop away. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’d leave feeling lighter somehow, and then over the next few weeks, problems just somehow stopped being as pressing as they were. Three months and 4 or 5 sessions later I found myself strangely calm and collected, talking to my parents. My mom told me I “exuded peace” and she “couldn’t do anything but be happy for me”. I still see her once in awhile when I hurt my back or just want a ‘tune-up’, but I will forever be grateful to her for somehow tapping and needling my worries away.

      ~L, Vancouver

Ok, so – 3 friends tell me to see this woman to help with the chronic fatigue that had been plaguing me for 12 years, making me feel as if my whole life was being pulled down with lead weights. My first session, when I started to explain how I felt, and something on Colleen’s face told me she got it, I just started to cry, and I kept crying for almost the whole session. She kept working, and passing me kleenex, and somehow making me feel like I was going to be ok. How did I not feel embarrassed after that? But I didn’t. I hugged her when I left, and I don’t really hug people, but I had this feeling like the worst of me got hauled out for viewing, and it was still ok. She gave me these herbs to take – sorry, tinctures, – and I put ten drops into a glass twice a day and drank it, out of sheer faith I guess, because I hate stuff like that. Then something weird happened. Visit 3 she was asking me questions about how I felt, and I kept saying “the same”, then realized that I wasn’t. I was tired, but not all the time. I was tired, but I was exercising. I was tired, but I didn’t need to nap 8 hours a day and sleep another 10 at night. Stuff I hadn’t thought to care about changed, too, only I hadn’t thought to mention it – the athlete’s foot (stupid name, I was a ball of mush, not an athlete at that point!) was gone – the headaches that were always there in the background were gone – I was less irritable, more optimistic. Oh yeah, and I wasn’t doubling over with cramps after eating. I don’t really understand what she does, but I apologize for calling my friends crazy. I have a life again, and it just keeps getting better.

      ~Sam M, Ontario

I live rather a distance from Vancouver. A friend of mine called one night when I was in excruciating agony; a state of being that I was almost becoming accustomed to. Her call was to inform me that my birthday present was a telephone session with a woman who worked with quantum techniques and was capable of performing this feat long-distance over the telephone. It was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard of, and only years of friendship convinced me to accept the gesture and the session. I assumed this woman would be at best delusion and at worst a charlatan. The only contingency I didn’t allow for was success. Colleen, as it turned out, was intelligent, rational, full of empathy, and somehow managed to not only win my grudging respect and affection, but did the unthinkable: 5 sessions later I find the constant pain and recurrent agony has, for all intents and purposes, disappeared, leaving a sense of calm and happiness in its wake that I has assumed was gone forever. I rarely enjoy being wrong, but in this case, I am happy to announce that very fact.

      ~Pat N., Location in flux

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