What We Do

We are grateful to work with people of all ages, backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, beliefs and viewpoints. We work with mental, emotional, physical and energetic issues.

Conditions treated include, but are definitely not limited to, the following:

Stress Trauma Fatigue
Body Pain Family Dynamics/Conflicts Interpersonal Communication
Chronic Illnesses Depression Insomnia
Anxiety Relationship Challenges PMS
Infertility Pregnancy-related issues Menopause symptoms
Headaches/Migraines Back Pain Joint Pain
Arthritis Hormone Imbalance IBS & other digestive disorders
Anemia Skin Problems Allergies
Coughs Injuries Urinary Incontinence
TMJ Career Changes Family Communication
Emotional Limitations Addictions and more....


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Working Together

Many people come to see Colleen for physical concerns and end up also working on and moving the emotional/mental/energetic aspects that are intrinsically linked to them. Many people come to see Dana for help uncovering communication patterns and mental/emotional patterns that are getting in their way, and end up with improvements also to their physical well-being.

This interdependence is why so many people love the Black Belt Mind courses and the E2 sessions where you work with both Dana and Colleen together!!!

There's a good reason why the E2 sessions stand for "Exponential Evolution". Whether or not you're aware of the physical aspects that are holding you back, the mental patterns that are causing problems for you, the energetic misalignments that are making you forget who you are, or the emotional templates that are making things more difficult than they need to be, an E2 session will help you move forward on all levels of what you are facing.

You get access to Colleen's Chinese Medicine diagnostics and treatment. You get the benefit of Dana's ability to look at the issues you're facing and sift through the often overwhelming aspects of them in order to pinpoint the most critical areas to work with for rapid change. These aspects, combined with their intuitive capacity and integral medicine practices, make for an even more powerful session with rapid transformation.