Who We Are

Crimson Door Healing was founded by Colleen Robinson & Dana Pemberton.

Colleen and Dana are master practitioners in multiple healing modalities, and have several decades of training, research, experience and study between the two of them. Whether you're working with them in an online course or coming in to the clinic, they are both committed to making sure that the best possible tools and techniques from their extensive experience, study and tool kits are used for your benefit.

Their intention with Crimson Door Healing and the Black Belt Mind Courses is to help you get back to who you really are. You, minus the holdover from the traumas, the bad stories, the aches and pains. You keep the knowledge you've earned, the information you've gained, the progress you've made - and you get to get rid of anything unhealthy that's "driving the bus."

Do you always seem to end up choosing the same (bad) kind of partner because you have a template inside that you don't even consciously realize? Or do you always end up making the same mistakes that cause you pain or problems, but don't know why you keep making them? Allergies, phobias, sleepless nights...most people aren't told that they can do something to change that. Colleen and Dana help you release or shift the things that are holding you back, so you can make great choices for yourself and enjoy your life as much as possible!

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Colleen Robinson, TCM.P., R.Ac., R.H.

Traditional Chinese and Integral Medicine


There are many ways to describe Colleen as a practitioner, but the one that almost everyone that sees her can agree upon is "possibility". Simply put, as a well rounded and highly experienced practitioner, what Colleen offers most profoundly to her clients is an unprecedented opportunity to access the possibility of more health, more heart and ultimately more happiness.

Through the embrace of every tool at her disposal from years of dedicated study, learning, personal growth and application, Colleen can help you profoundly impact your overall health by shifting your view of what's "possible", for you and your own ability to be a powerfully active and inspired participant in your own personal journey to optimal health. TCM is about balance. Integral Medicine is about wholeness. Used together, in Colleen's expert and highly caring hands, her goal is to bring you back to the natural state of your birthright: complete balance of your whole self.

By individualizing her approach to each client's unique needs, by "listening deeply" to all that you and your nervous/energetic system has to tell her, and by caring deeply and fully accepting each client's voicing of their own particular needs, Colleen consistently provides hope to whatever condition you might face and faith in your capacity to change it.


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Dana Pemberton

Life Strategist and Integral Medicine

It's like seeing a counsellor, only better - RM, Vancouver

The first question people ask is “What’s a Life Strategist?” Think of roughly 1 part counselling, 1 part life coach, 1 part insight and intuition, and 3 parts I’m-not-sure-why-I-feel-better-but-I-do, and you’ll get pretty close.

Sessions with Dana are Talk Sessions. With an extensive background in a variety of coaching techniques, his focus in the clinic is helping you achieve your goals: whether that involves personal health and wellness, mental and emotional healing, or business results. He works with people who feel hurt, scared, stuck, confused, and angry, and helps them find a way out of the quagmire they feel they're in and into a better understanding of who they really are and what they are really capable of. He helps identify the real you under the window dressing of emotions and history.

A particular focus is re-evaluating your methods of communication; with yourself, your partner, your children, your workplace, and more. A session with Dana is a session of being 100% listened to, and being understood - perhaps better than you’ve ever been able to understand yourself. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding and even a different perspective, and in this way heal and transform.


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Why Work With Colleen?

Experience & Intuition

Colleen's experience that she uses to help you in the clinic is based not just in research, or study, or with clients, or from years of self-development, but rather from a combination of all of those elements. She has a passion for learning and education that leads her to studying a wide range of topics and finding the best ways to apply them in the clinic. She credits her parents with giving her an upbringing full of the power of nature, the magic of science, and she science of mystery; during those years she learned that we are all more alike than we are different, and that separating what we consider scientific from what we call intuitive is a quick way to divide and diminish our power and capacity to change and evolve.

Compassion and Humour

Safety is one of the most important things we believe in at Crimson Door, and in order to feel safe, people need to feel like they are being listened to, understood, and not judged harshly. Without feeling safe, it is hard, if not impossible, for people to relax and allow themselves to change and heal. And when you feel like things are as dark as they could possibly get, that's exactly when you need someone who is able to not only show you the light at the end of the tunnel, but keep solidly believing that you'll get there even when you think it's impossible. Throw in some dashes of humour to lighten the load, and you have the makings of a session with Colleen. These sessions aren't about suffering. They're about finding the things that need changing and helping you change them.

One of her clients has probably described it best: "Because the thing is some experiences cannot be described nor done justice in words. And the results and benefits are unbelievable and compounding with each session. You won’t even believe how much you and your life have changed for the better. And she makes it easy. It’s painless. It’s actually freaking enjoyable!"

Resource Utilization

With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and an ongoing fascination with the beautiful complexity of people, Colleen's aim is to best use all of your faculties. For people who work best with something to do, that may mean prescribing a common or  custom TCM tincture, suggesting food therapy choices, or giving you "homework". For people who feel like they already have too much on their plate and in their mind, that may mean helping you redefine an agreement or belief you have, or helping you reprogram yourself so the new ways of being are automatic.

Flexibility & Passion

One way that Colleen describes her job is this:  her job is simply to care about you, to love who you are and reach out to you exactly where you are, so you can work together. Whether you need a space to cry and be comforted, a place to be understood, an explanation that is safely scientific, or an ear to listen to the things you think are crazy but true, she will meet you where you are. She is passionate about her work and determined to find ways to get as much healing and compassion to as many people as possible.



Why Work With Dana?


First of all, you’ll choose to work with Dana because this work is simple. You don’t need to subject yourself to people who use big words for what’s happening inside of you, or distance themselves from you by being “professional”, clinical, and even condescending….

You don’t need labels., or years of going into the past over and over again. You want to move through it – whatever “it” happens to be for you - and get to the other side, as quickly and easily as possible.

And you want to gain the strength and power to know that you won’t ever have to go through “it” again. To learn from the experience and take out the lessons, the hard-won knowledge that is rightfully yours. To have closure and gain the peace that comes from knowing that “It” is finally done and you can move on. Fully. With all of you.

Dana has been to the depths of what one can experience as a human being. He has felt these things, he knows them intimately. He has searched and learned and found the best methods, the rights tools, the most effective practices to move through these things himself, and for the past many years has been committing his life and his energy to helping others do the same, with incredible results.

The difference with Dana is that he’s been there. Right where you are. Facing that edge of uncertainty – fear – pain – confusion. He’s done the work himself and can lead you forward.


Commitment. Honour. Integrity. You won’t find anyone who is more committed to tackling whatever situation or problem you are facing and helping you through it.   There is no topic, no place that’s off limits. Dana is ready to dive in anywhere to help you get new information and take new actions to solve old problems.

Dana is so compassionate, so nurturing, supportive and kind – some people are surprised by this incredible depth of heart when they first meet him because he is also all about getting things done. He will never be bullying – yes, he has intensity, velocity, and powerful directive energy, but always with a clear connection to where you are going and how to get you there. The things that can feel the most vulnerable to you are completely safe and protected in Dana’s care.


You get to decide what this looks like with Dana – it’s not his vision but yours.   He’ll use his skill and experience to help you craft it if you like, and through the process you get to find out what it is that you actually want.

The thing that brings the most joy and excitement to Dana is when he sees people reconnect to their source. We are all born perfect – with souls that are bright, divine and fully intact – and then through the trials and tribulations of life we get disconnected. He feels so grateful, humbled and completely at peace when he helps you plug back in to your power… your own unique, perfect self.

What is so clear and so simple for him is often missed or completely overlooked by other people. How much talk there is around things drives him crazy and he is 100% committed to jumping into the middle of the issue. Respectfully, lovingly, honestly, authentically, yes… but right to the heart of things. And his clients report feeling the flood of truth coming in where there had been nothing but fog and confusion before.

Precision, exactness, and effectiveness. He is laser focused on the solution to the problem. If you are looking for someone who will allow you to continue perpetuating anything unhealthy so that you can keep receiving whatever attention it brings, you will not be a good fit for this work.

But if and when you do have the courage to work with Dana, you’ll tackle things together and you’ll walk away with a much clearer idea of who you are – who you really are – and what it is that you actually want. From this place you’ll be able to make healthy choices and decisions, and take actions from this place of clarity and power.

Dana will help you get your power back to take control of your life and everything in it. To cut through the lies. Because if you’re unhappy there is a lie active in your life somewhere... either someone is lying to you or you’re lying to yourself. With Dana you’ll find it and eliminate it. People have no power over us other than what we give them. You’ll find all the places where others have power in your life, why, when and how you gave it to them, and then take it back.

Dana is committed to helping you bring back your wholeness, your joy, your power – in fact this is his life purpose and his reason for being. For more than two decades he has been helping people move through the things that are holding them back and causing pain and suffering in their lives, including past emotional and physical traumas, addictions, “stuckness”, inability to move forward, grief, emotional disconnection, inability to connect with others, relationship and intimacy issues, marriage breakdowns, depression and more. And he is also skilled at working with you if you want to clarify career goals, make sure that you stay on track in your life and in your relationships, or unlock an even greater depth of passion, power and energy.

People see the results so fast because Dana gets them there quickly – right to the heart of things and through to the beauty, peace, power and clarity waiting on the other side.

Why Work With Us Together...

You may choose to work with either Dana or Colleen separately in an individual session. You also have the opportunity to work with Colleen and Dana together in an E2 session, in a class, a workshop or a group.

Many people come to see Colleen for physical concerns and end up also working on and moving the emotional/mental/spiritual aspects that are intrinsically linked to them. Many people come to see Dana for help uncovering communication patterns and mental/emotional patterns that are getting in their way, and end up with improvements also to their physical well-being.

This interconnection is why so many people love the E2 sessions where you work with both Dana and Colleen together!!!

There's a good reason why the E2 sessions stand for "Exponential Evolution". Whether or not you're aware of the physical aspects that are holding you back, mental patterns that are causing problems for you, the spiritual misalignments that are making you forget who you are, or the emotional templates that are making things more difficult than they need to be, an E2 session will help you move forward on all levels of what you are facing.

You get access to Colleen's Chinese Medicine diagnostics and treatment along with Dana's ability to sift through the often overwhelming aspects of the issues that people are facing, and pinpoint the most critical areas to work with for rapid change. Combined with their intuitive capacity and integral medicine practices it makes for an even more powerful session with rapid transformation.

The same thing applies in classes, workshops and groups. Colleen and Dana combine their own unique and complementary brands of expertise, focus, and different methods of approach to make sure that every important concept is approached from more than one angle. The combination means that it's not just one plus one equals two, but one plus one equals information you simply couldn't get if they weren't working together.  Between the two of them, everyone in the room has the chance to feel listened to, understood, and taken care of.